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Play It Out Series

lay it Out series, by Mazzarella Media, is exploring the rapidly changing issues confronting teenagers through improvisational skits that allow teens to speak directly to teens. By using improvisational skills to Play it Out, teenagers pick up on subtle language and context cues that can only come from students speaking to other students.

The life of the teenager is changing rapidly. Technology, media, access to information and social pressures have created a dynamics that did not exist even 10 years ago. Play it Out challenges the viewers to think critically about social dynamics and encourages healthy behavior by watching others work out problems in real life situations. Play it Out offers solid solutions and opens the door to rich communication using the language of today's teen and stars today's young adults.

Grade Level: 7+
Number of Videos: 9
Copyright: 2011
Guide: Y
Estimated Run Time: 210 Minutes
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