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SD Teaching System

Teaching Systems AP Test Prep

The subject matter correlates directly to state standards and is produced and designed by the Cerebellum Academic Team of professional scriptwriters, students, professors, actors, comedians, and teachers.

Estimated Run Time: 300 Minutes

Grade Level: 9-12

Teaching Systems Algebra

Student will realize the power of algebra and that armed with knowledge of algebra, you can find out fascinating things about place, people and real-life situations. This series concentrates on the essentials of algebra plus provides a thorough breakdown of difficult concepts using step-by-step explanations and visual examples.

Estimated Run Time: 182 Minutes

Grade Level: 8-12

Teaching Systems American Government

Who says Civics has to be as dry as the Congressional Record? Now you can explain the three branches of government, the Constitution, civil rights, and civil liberties in a way your students will enjoy and understand.

Estimated Run Time:: 260 Minutes

Grade Level: 5+

Teaching Systems Arithmetic

This energetic series lays the foundation for understanding the basics of math. Students will be introduced to the number line, mathematic operations, patterns, and measurements and apply these concepts to practical situations. Learn how to solve everyday problems by counting apples, dividing pizzas, measuring buildings, and calculating a batting average. Colorful graphics and lively presentations will make learning Arithmetic as easy as 1-2-3!

Estimated Run Time: 183 Minutes

Grade Level: 3-5

Teaching Systems Biology

Biology is the study of life. So, we’re going to study life - from the smallest atom to the largest elephant. You’ll uncover the mysteries of DNA and crack the genetic codes inside of each and every one of us. Find out how your body is a workhorse and never stops and how it got started. This series will have your students buzzing about Biology!

Estimated Run Time: 247 Minutes

Grade Level: 7+

Teaching Systems Chemistry

The positively charged cast of young actors will explain a massive amount about the materials that make up our universe and what happens when they react. No matter is left untouched as animated characters and on-screen graphics help visualize the bonding at an atomic and massive level.

Estimated Run Time: 208 Minutes

Grade Level: 9-12

Teaching Systems Earth Science

So, Earth. It’s where we humans live. In fact, it’s the only planet known to support life. But what makes Earth capable of supporting life? How exactly does the planet function? This video series addresses these questions by investigating Earth’s place in the universe, its formation as a planet, and its relationship with the sun. Systems thinking and conservation are touched upon as we explore Earth as an energetic, dynamic, and recycling planet.

Estimated Run Time: 208 Minutes

Grade Level: 6-8

Teaching Systems English Composition

This program lays the foundation in analyzing, outlining and composing for any level writer. Students will develop a writing appreciation by examining variety of disciplines, gathering information, identifying the audience, revising and formulating a persuasive essay. Your class will evolve into skilled writers with the ability to compose for a variety of purposes.

Estimated Run Time: 156 Minutes

Grade Level: 9+

Teaching Systems English Grammar

This series will walk your students through the rules of grammar by explaining proper verb tense, nouns, phrases, participles and more, as well as illustrate common errors such as dangling prepositions, run-on sentences and faulty parallels.

Estimated Run Time: 156 Minutes

Grade Level: 4+

Teaching Systems Fundamental Math

A great review for all skill levels. This essential math series will tell you everything you need to know about the fundamentals of integers, measurement, geometry, graphing, and solving those tricky word problems.

Estimated Run Time: 164 Minutes

Grade Level: 5-6

Teaching Systems Geometry

Welcome to the many sided world of Geometry. Your class will be amazed as postulates and theorems become popular and angles and areas become awesome! The Standard Deviants take a humorous and unique angle when teaching the difficult Geometry concepts. Graphing, postulates and theorem will be approachable and entertaining with this video program.

Estimated Run Time: 156 Minutes

Grade Level: 8-12

Teaching Systems Nutrition

Teaching Systems Nutrition PIZZA, PASTA, PANCAKES, PAPAYA, AND PIE, WHAT SHOULD YOU EAT? So many choices, but eating is more than just consuming delicious foods, it's essential. The Standard Deviants Nutrition gets down to the fruits and nuts of the vitamins, minerals and water needed to make our bodies work. Teens will understand the importance of the choices they make to maintain a healthy, strong lifestyle and what makes up the perfect plate!

Estimated Run Time: 208 Minutes

Grade Level: 7-12

Teaching Systems Physics

The award-winning Teaching System is designed to capture your students′ attention and make your presentation of the critical concepts of Physics come alive! Physics is one of the three basic natural sciences. It′s considered one of the most fun topics but can intimidate both teachers and students. By concentrating on the key concepts and presenting the material in an intriguing manner, Physics students are able to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to master this important science.

Estimated Run Time: 234 Minutes

Grade Level: 11-12

Teaching Systems Pre-Algebra

With all those Xs and Ys, pre-algebra can be very intimidating for students, it can seem like a whole new language. Building on math fundamentals, this program eliminates the intimidation factor by presenting the material in an easy-to-understand manner using plenty of examples and computer graphics. With this program and the right preparation, pre-algebra is as easy as 1-2-3!

Estimated Run Time: 156 Minutes

Grade Level: 8-12

Teaching Systems SAT

This program is specifically designed for in-classroom use to help teachers prep their students on the SAT. With these winning formulas for success, there's no reason why your students need to sweat this test!

Estimated Run Time: 260 Minutes

Grade Level: 10+

Teaching Systems Shakespeare

Often the biggest obstacle to appreciating the Great Bard is his use of complex language. This program unlocks these great works so your students can understand and appreciate this master for a lifetime.

EstimatedRun Time: 312 Minutes

Grade Level: 9+

Teaching Systems Spanish

Help your students develop an ear for the language with this series of excellent programs. From the Spanish alphabet to simple verb conjugation, this is the perfect way to introduce new sections, reinforce trouble areas or review for an exam.

Estimated Run Time: 175 Minutes

Grade Level: 7+

Teaching Systems US History

The complete history set provides a thematic overview of Presidential policies from 1789-1869, women's rights, civil reforms, U.S. conflicts from 1689-1865, and economic shifts.

EstimatedRun Time: 143 Minutes

Grade Level: 9-12

Teaching Systems Vocab

Teaching Systems Vocab is a unique and innovative tool that uses short video skits to give students a real-world representation of the meaning of a word in a way they can relate to and understand. With recurring characters and ongoing plots, this program provides an engaging and effective learning experience to students. This program shows students what the words mean, instead of just telling them!

EstimatedRun Time: 335 Minutes

Grade Level: 9+

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