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American Presidents

Using archival footage and photographs, this series documents the life, accomplishments, struggles and scandal of 9 of the U.S. Presidents.
Learn the amazing facts about America’s Presidents:
Who was our only Catholic president?
Who was the only president who was a movie star?
Which state gave us the most presidents?
Which university is the alma mater of the most presidents?
Who was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms?
Which presidents were West Point graduates?
Who served as both vice president and president but was never elected by the people?
Who was the only president to resign from the job?
These and many other questions about our chief executives will be answered in this lively video that reviews the extraordinary facts about the men who have occupied the White House. You will learn each president’s political affiliation, state of residence, term in office; their birthplaces, homes, and burial sites. And of course, the major political, economic, domestic and foreign issues of each president are explored, as well as their major achievements and disappointments.

Estimated Run Time: 330 Minutes

Number of Videos: 10

Copyright: 1996-2007

Guide: N

Grade Level: 6-12

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